Let me show you how to get up to $50,000  from the US Government in as little as 7 days.

Posted by: Jenn Donahue

Get the money that the government owes you. Each year, the US Government gives out billions and billions in Grants to people just like you. No one ever thinks they can really get a grant, which makes it easier for the few people who actually try!

Learn exactly how I got this check for $12,759.62!

This is money I do not have to pay back. You can get this too, by just filling out one simple form online.

The Quick Facts:

In 7 days I was able to get a $12,759.62 check from the US Government which I never have to pay back. All I had to do was fill out 1 form online for a grant kit:

The rest was easy. I got my first grant money within 7 days and was able to pay off all my debt, and I started my own business that I love. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm a full time nurse and doing all this from my home computer. If I had more time to devote to this, I'd probably be making so much more.

The Whole Story:

Note: I hate all those "get rich quick" schemes you see on TV where they tell you that you're going to make thousands on real estate investing or some other crap. Don't fall for that, it costs hundreds to get started and is usually a scam. The stuff I did here is all  to get started and took me a long time to research.

Right now I am a proud nurse and wife, born and raised in Sunnyvale, California. But it wasn't always this way. Year after year more and more money kept coming out from my bank account than I deposited from my salary. Gas, mortgage, taxes, kids all seem to add up, and I have nothing by the end of the month. My credit cards went out of control after buying just a couple nice things every once in a while. When the bank called saying that I was six months late, and they were going to take my house, that's when I got my wake up call. Things weren't going to just get better. So I needed to find a way to get some money.

I started to do some research, and asked my high school friend for advice since she has been running her own business since 2004 and doing great. I'm really glad I did. She recommended I apply for a government grant by using a  program you can get online to help me get started and clear my debt and save my house. So I took her advice, and here is exactly what I did:

Step 1:

Get Your Grant Kit Here - This was the first, step in the process. I had to pay some $1.99 for the grant kit, but seriously, for the amount I got back from this, it seems like a joke to me now. After getting this program, I was immediately able to apply for thousands of grants that most people don't know about. It was really little hassle and I was amazed that more people didn't know about it. With just 1 application I was able to get a check for over $12,759.62 which I will never have to pay back. It helped me:

  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Save my house from foreclosure
  • Buy Christmas presents for my family
  • Fix some overdue car problems

Here's a picture of the check I got:

My Life Now:

Thanks to the advice from my friend, and the 2 forms I filled out, I'm doing great. I have more money than I ever need to provide for my family, and for those rainy days. After qualifying for my third grant this year, my husband and I celebrated in Vancouver! Below is a picture of us at Ruth Chris' Steak House in Vancouver.

I hope you have as much success with this as I did!

Success to you and your loved ones,
Jenn Donahue
I did use the tip. I got a check in 14 days. It wasn't exactly 7 days.
Thanks I just got a check for $112,759.62 and paid $10,000 toward credit cards. Thanks. It works.
hey girl, checked it out. thanks for info!
Hey Jenn, thanks for the info on grants. Any other hot tips?
I want to add my testimonial on this blog. Here you go Jenn. "I was wary about trying the grant program, but I figured for 2.79 shipping I might as well. I got my kit and quickly found grants that I qualified for. I have got 3 grants totaling $18,630 to date & I still have 3 more requests in!
With today's job market I decided to take matters in to my own hands. I asked around and one of my friends suggested I look at grants. I ended up with two grants. Now, I'm planning to take my entire family on a cruise!
-Jesse Kesher
Thanks, that was really helpful!
Saw this blog a few months back. Filled out the request form. I just got a check for $15,000. Don't have to pay it back. But it took 3 weeks.